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26 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I purchased the GSG 1911-22 Suppressor Package do I use the barrel screw or leave it out

    1. You can remove the screw

  2. To whom it may concern:

    I would like to use the GSG & Sig-Sauer 1911-22 Elite Compensator with the GSG & Sig-Sauer 1911-22 Ultimate Package. Will this work?

    1. Yes, it will work with our bushing. We build the SAC into the comps as well

  3. Can I install the granmaster performance kit to a CA version gun?

    1. Yes, all except the SAC and the followers. CA barrels are not threaded. We do offer a service to press on the accurizing cones for an additional fee.

  4. Hello. I have a MPX 2nd generation with a 16 inch barrel. It has the pinned on 3 fork flash hider.
    I’m wanting to get the barrel cut down to pistol length and was wondering if it affects the cycling of the gun. Do I have to have gas port work done to make it function correctly?

    Thank you

    1. Yes, we recommend the gas port service in conjunction.

  5. If I purchase the Sig 1911-22 ultimate package and the Allen barrel screw is not needed is a plug furnished to fill the hole in the frame after the screw is removed ?..

    1. The screw is not needed. The threads for the screw are actually in the barrel itself, so replacement with another screw would impart the same force on the barrel the screw does. This decreases consistency as the screw is constantly changing in torque value.

  6. Is there any chance you might produce a one piece guide rod and spring to fit the Kimber Rimfire Target (something similar to what was done with the Sig 1911-22)?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we do not make a guide rod for the Kimber Rimfire. If you are interested in a custom quote, please respond back and we will get you pricing.

  7. Hi.
    What is OD of you standard SAC and ID of the GSG & Sig-Sauer 1911-22 Barrel Bushing you offer?

    1. They are matched to each other. Thanks!

  8. Do you Ship to Guam,USA with P.O Box Address?

  9. I received my accuracy package for GSG 1911 22lr. Do you recommend lubricant for the guide rod and bushing and or the barrel bushing and the screw on barrel adaptor like a traditional 1911 45ACP. It is my understanding the Allen screw that was intended to support the barrel to the frame is not needed. You still use the left entry barrel frame pin and the slide stop pin only .

    1. Yes, we recommend removing the barrel screw and using light oil on the frame rails and the barrel bushing (until broken in).

  10. Just ordered the performance kit for a gsg 1911 22 from yourselves.
    Out of interest what is the thread size for the barrel retaining screw?

    1. The thread is M3. You can use a set screw to plug it.

  11. stephen brannan has been letting us play with his new 9mm pistol y’all made for him , LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!
    we will be coming soon to see what our options are to piece something similar together for my wife , kind of “one piece at a time ” …..
    my question is what options are available to make my BFU glock17 look different than every other black pistol on the range ? what can be done with the plastic frame ? red white and blue flag theme sounds good for the slide !

  12. Do you do any TIN coating at this time.Didn’t see it listed but might be part of etc. Listing.thanks

    1. Yes, we do TiN and TiAlN

  13. for the gsg 1911 22 guide rod package, sku ggrp, if i instal it, can i leave the allen screw out and not use it?

    1. No, only packages that include our SAC or thread adapter

      1. if i get the SAC by itself, can i get rid of the allen screw? or do i need everything else

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