AR Threaded Bolt Catch Pin Set

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  • Stainless Steel Pin Set
  • For all 6-32/4-40 AR Lowers
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ZRTS Threaded Bolt Catch and Spring Capture Screw Kit
These kits are a must have for those with billet lowers or a threaded (gen 2) lower. The pin replaces the roll pin that holds the bolt catch and is installed with the provided allen wrench. The set screw threads in the rear of the lower to capture the rear takedown pin spin. This makes installation of the buffer tube MUCH easier! NOTE: your bolt catch standoff must be threaded, or you can thread it 6-32. Rear screw is 4-40 and can easily be hand threaded. All stainless steel parts! Includes needed allen wrenches.

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Weight 1 oz