Bourbon Bullets 45acp Whiskey Stones


Perfect gift for bourbon and whiskey drinkers!

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Tired of chilling your whiskey with conventional stones? Titanium offers a greater thermal density and will NEVER add taste or corrode! This ensures your favorite spirit will remain pure in taste. The titanium alloy allows harsh cleaning without ever rusting, pitting, or chipping.

We have turned these Bourbon Bullets from Grade 23 Titanium on a CNC lathe to specs close to the 45acp. Our stones are longer, and slightly larger in diameter, as to not fit in a firearm.

Three finishes are available: Polished, Flame Anodized, and Bronze Anodized. All finishes are safe and easy to clean!

Available Packages:
1 Bullet
3 Bullets
6 Bullets
Connoisseur Caddy – 6 Bullets and Chill Caddy
JMB – 7 Bourbon Bullets (John Moses Browning Special) in Bronze Anodized Titanium. Why 7 you ask? Well that’s how 45s JMB’s original magazine held. Custom Signature Caddy with “1911 45acp” engraved on the top.

~Custom engraving is available on the front of a Caddy. May add up to 4 days processing time. Makes a GREAT gift!

Additional information

Weight 0.000 oz
Metal Finish

Bead Blasted, Bronze Anodized, Flame Anodized, Polished

Package Size

3 Pack, 6 in Caddy, 6 Pack, 7 Stone Connoisseur, Single stone