GSG & Sig Sauer 1911-22 Slide Alignment Cone (SAC)


  • Billet stainless accurizing cone
  • Acts like a bull barrel 1911 to improve accuracy/groups


While we are all aware that the GSG and Sig Sauer platforms have pinned or fixed barrels (respectively), there is a considerable amount of slide to barrel wobble, since the bushing has so much clearance. This does not affect the precision of the pistols, but it does impact sight alignment with the bore. Since the slide floats in relation to the barrel, it is allowed to track differently every time in battery. Though it is not much, it can certainly cause large variation at a distance. It also makes the pistol feel sloppy! This leads ZRTS to a new product idea: the SAC or Slide Alignment Cone.

This piece replaces the cap on the barrel and gives an alignment taper much like a tapered barrel on a big 1911. In the pictures there is still a small amount of gap at the top, but that’s due to the non concentricity of the bushing. The lockup is tight without wedging or galling. The SAC is made from STAINLESS STEEL. This prevents galling and provides a lubricious sliding action when used with our bushing. It also looks really nice! We will be making this available in two configurations: drop in and bushing fitted. Both include our 11 degree target crown!

This product will not work on the 1911-22CA (California Version), since the barrel is not threaded.


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Weight 1 oz

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