Torso Training Target (3pk)


  • Sold in 3 pack
  • Realistic Shape
  • 3D shirt standoffs on the shoulders
  • Laser cut vital zones
  • 18″ wide (standard IPSC width)


Training with IPSC targets is not ideal for concealed carry or self defense training.  The “A” boxes are unrealistic and do not give a proper target picture.  ZRTS Triple T targets have scoring boxes for the heart, lungs, spine, and brainstem.  These zones can be covered with normal pasters as the target gets shot up.  Another unique feature is the 3D shoulder standoffs for shooting with a T-Shirt concealing the vitals. Keeps the shirt puffed out and hangs better than a standard IPSC (**Shirt NOT included**)


18″ wide cardboard uses standard target stands.


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